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Bingo Sign Up Bonus

Bingo sign up bonus means that you must receive free fixed amount of bonus money without making any deposit. Usually you must receive sign up bonus at once after registering new player's account in online bingo. Sign up bonus have limitations on how you can use it. You will be able to play on slot machines and buy bingo cards only. But believe us - it is enough to test online bingo and decide if you would like to continue playing bingo with them.

Geisha Bingo

SIGN UP BONUS: $5 sign up bonus. At once after registering new account you will get $1.25 real money bonus to play on slots and $3.75 bingo bucks sign up bonus to purchase bingo cards.

USING SIGN UP BONUS: bingo sign up bonus can be used to play slots and purchase bingo cards.
Bingo Liner

SIGN UP BONUS: another $5 free (BTW, you can sign up both to Bingo Liner and Geisha Bingo and get $5+$5=$10 in each bingo). After installing and registering as new bingo player, login to your account and find that $5 already waiting for you.

USING SIGN UP BONUS: slot machines and playing bingo. In total - up to 25 slot spins (on 5 cents slots) and 15 bingo cards.
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